“You have to work for what you want!” – Shelley Gupta

Nothing has ever come easy for Canada’s brightest new R&B talent, Shelley Gupta, proving every step along the way that she has the passion, talent, and determination to make it in the music industry. Singing since the age of 6 in school choirs and already a die-hard Mariah Carey fan, Shelley’s natural ability and desire to sing shaped her destiny as a stage performer much sooner than she expected. By the age of 8 she landed her first gig performing on national television with Raffi on CBC’s the Rita McNeil show. Practicing and learning every Mariah Carey song for hours alone in her room, Shelley not so quietly continued to develop her talent and it soon became much more than just her personal secret. “I remember when I was 12 (years old), my family forced me out of my room to sing a solo at a large family gathering. I sang Mariah Carey’s “Hero” and everyone loved it.” Shelley recalls, “It was a turning point for me, I realized that singing is not only something I love to do, but that I can do.”

Fueling her passion with a new determination Shelley began vocal lessons to match the power of her idols Mariah and Whitney, and started writing her own songs with vocal coach, Lorraine Lawson, coach of the Canadian Idol camps. Shelley’s training, performances, and feedback from competitions such as 93.5 the FLOW’s Soul Search and the Canadian Idol auditions have all been lessons that have shaped her signature style. “It’s a combination of all my inspirations, Mariah Carey’s insanely strong voice, Alicia Keys songwriting, and Beyonce’s confidence”, describes Shelley.

The first single, “Crazy For You” speaks volumes about the young artist’s ambitions. “The message of the song is something I really believe. Nothing comes for free, if it’s worth it you have to work for it.” Written and recorded with Juno award winning artist, Belly, Shelley recalls the studio session, “Working with Belly was great, he’s a really cool guy. We talked about the song, wrote down some ideas and recorded it. It was a really fun and natural process.”

Always with a pen in hand, Shelley is continuously writing and working on new material for her next big hit. “Every opportunity I get I’m thinking about a new song idea or lyric that I want to write, even when I’m silent my friends and family ask…What song is playing (in my head)?” Shelley explains.

Shelley’s album can now be heard HERE on her official website!  Stay up to date with Shelley via social media.

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